Ladybug Macro

 Ladybug Photograph 
Few things can turn you back into a child like spotting a ladybug. 

This one made its way into my basement. 

I gladly scooped it up and helped it find its way back to nature, but not before sharing the moment with my young daughters. 

This macro ladybug photograph would look wonderful in your home or office. 

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14 Pelicans

 Pelicans at the Beach 
It’s easy to get lost in the sheer beauty of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. 

Personally, I’ve always been fascinated by the pelicans that reside there. 

When they’re in mid-flight, they can almost look prehistoric. 

On this particular day, I happened to spot a whole flock of them perched atop several poles in the water along the North Carolina/Virginia border. 

It was like something right out of a movie. 

This photo would make a lovely addition to your home or office. 

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