Down the Slide

 Kid on Slide 
When you were just a child, was there anything better than a going down a good sliding board?

No worries, no bills to pay, just you and gravity doing its thing. 

A local farm here in Maryland has this unique slide that children can enjoy during the warm, summer months. 

If only the innocence of youth could last forever. 

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Eutaw Street at Camden Yards

 Camden Yards 
Oriole Park at Camden Yards has become one of the most iconic stadiums in all of baseball. 

While many other MLB stadiums have tried to borrow from its innovative design, the Eutaw Street warehouse is unique to Baltimore. 

On a hot, summer night, there’s nothing like walking down Eutaw Street at grabbing some of Boog Powell’s famous pit beef, or stopping in the Orioles’ team store. 

This unique “colorsplash” photograph of Eutaw Street would make a fine gift for any die-hard Orioles fan. 

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14 Pelicans

 Pelicans at the Beach 
It’s easy to get lost in the sheer beauty of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. 

Personally, I’ve always been fascinated by the pelicans that reside there. 

When they’re in mid-flight, they can almost look prehistoric. 

On this particular day, I happened to spot a whole flock of them perched atop several poles in the water along the North Carolina/Virginia border. 

It was like something right out of a movie. 

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Cat in Hiding

 Cat in a Box 
Cats can be very elusive, shy creatures. 

This one didn’t quite know what to make of me, so he decided to hide behind this crate. 

Curiosity eventually got the best of him, however, and he decided to peek out from within his fortress – making for a unique capture. 

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Homeless Man

One can hardly walk through the city these days without spotting someone who is homeless. 

I spotted this man sitting on a bench at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. 

Rather than ignore him as countless others have done, I used color to draw attention to his plight. 

The children looking on in the background makes for an interesting juxtaposition.

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