St. Peter’s Church in Harpers Ferry

St. Peter's Carholic Church

St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church in historic Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, is a remarkable, breathtaking piece of architecture.

If you manage to catch it right at dusk, as the sun is about to go down, it’s features really come to life!

It’s something you’ve just got to see once in your life.

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Towson Courthouse Colorsplash

 Downtown Towson This is a lovely photograph of the historic courthouse in downtown Towson, Maryland. 

What really struck me as I took in the scenery were the bright red roses blooming along the walkway leading to the courthouse. 

It was a somewhat cloudy day so I really wanted to bring out the clouds and the red flowers, while giving a more historic look to the courthouse itself. 

The end result is above. 

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Baltimore Power Plant

Baltimore Power Plant Colorsplash

One of the most unique structures in downtown Baltimore, the Power Plant has a lot of history behind it.

Via Wikipedia:

The structure is a 132-by-326-foot complex of three buildings located at Pratt Street and Pier 4 at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The structures are brick with terra cotta trim and steel frame construction. It was built between 1900 and 1909 and is a massive industrial structure with Neo-Classical detailing designed by the noted architectural firm of Baldwin & Pennington. It was one of only 11 buildings in the zone of the Baltimore Fire of 1904 to survive that event.

It served as the main source of power for the United Railways and Electric Company, a consolidation of smaller street railway systems, that influenced the provision of city-wide transportation and opened up suburban areas of Baltimore to power its electric street railway in the city. It later served as a central steam plant for the Consolidated Gas, Electric Light and Power Company, a predecessor of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company.

The plant, with by-then obsolete equipment, was used sparingly until it was returned to service to meet the World War II production demand for electricity. Baltimore Gas & Electric finally ceased use of it in 1973.

These days, the Power Plant houses a Barnes & Noble, a Phillips Seafood Restaurant, the Hard Rock Cafe and more.

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