Pink Tree

 Pink Tree Sherwood Gardens 
This photo of a tree at Baltimore’s Sherwood Gardens needed a little something. 

The pink in the photo was just crying out for attention, so I made this a colorsplash shot. 

I really like the contrast between the pink flowers and the rest of the shot. It makes for a striking capture. 

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Tulips in Bloom

 Yellow Tulips 
 Yellow and Pink Tulips 
Here are some more of the beautiful tulips in bloom at Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore City. 

Sherwood Gardens is the nation’s largest tulip garden. When they are in bloom, a walk through the park can be absolutely breathtaking. 

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Photography Prints

Ladybug Macro

 Ladybug Photograph 
Few things can turn you back into a child like spotting a ladybug. 

This one made its way into my basement. 

I gladly scooped it up and helped it find its way back to nature, but not before sharing the moment with my young daughters. 

This macro ladybug photograph would look wonderful in your home or office. 

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Yellow Flower Macro

 Macro Flower 
This stunning, close-up shot of a yellow flower was taken at Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore City. 

The blurred effect was achieved by shooting the subject with a macro lens. 

This shot gives you an opportunity to view the world as bumblebees do, with each spring flower representing a succulent target. 

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Sherwood Gardens

 Sherwood Gardens 
In the Guilford community, just off of St. Paul Street, lies one of Baltimore City’s hidden treasures. 

Sherwood Gardens in the United States’ largest tulip garden. 

Every spring, thousands flock to Sherwood Gardens to see the tulips bloom and to take a leisurely stroll through the grounds. 

It’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of the city. Pack a picnic lunch and check it out if you get a chance. 

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