Yellow Flower Macro

 Macro Flower 
This stunning, close-up shot of a yellow flower was taken at Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore City. 

The blurred effect was achieved by shooting the subject with a macro lens. 

This shot gives you an opportunity to view the world as bumblebees do, with each spring flower representing a succulent target. 

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Sherwood Gardens

 Sherwood Gardens 
In the Guilford community, just off of St. Paul Street, lies one of Baltimore City’s hidden treasures. 

Sherwood Gardens in the United States’ largest tulip garden. 

Every spring, thousands flock to Sherwood Gardens to see the tulips bloom and to take a leisurely stroll through the grounds. 

It’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of the city. Pack a picnic lunch and check it out if you get a chance. 

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Black-Eyed Susans

 Black Eyed Susans 
Being from Maryland, I may be a little biased, but I don’t think there’s any flower more beautiful than the Black-eyed Susan. 

So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon a whole field full of them at Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore City. 

This photograph depicts a veritable sea of yellow Black-eyed Susans in all their glory. 

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Farm House

 Dark House 
This is a photograph of a unique-looking old farmhouse at Boordy Vineyards in Baltimore, Maryland. 

There really is an almost haunting quality to it, which is why I was glad that it was such a dark, rainy evening when I shot this photo. 

This photo carries a lot of “mood” with it. You can almost feel the dampness on your skin just by looking at it. 

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Towson Courthouse Colorsplash

 Downtown Towson This is a lovely photograph of the historic courthouse in downtown Towson, Maryland. 

What really struck me as I took in the scenery were the bright red roses blooming along the walkway leading to the courthouse. 

It was a somewhat cloudy day so I really wanted to bring out the clouds and the red flowers, while giving a more historic look to the courthouse itself. 

The end result is above. 

Wouldn’t this photo look splendid on your walls? 

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