Farm House

 Dark House 
This is a photograph of a unique-looking old farmhouse at Boordy Vineyards in Baltimore, Maryland. 

There really is an almost haunting quality to it, which is why I was glad that it was such a dark, rainy evening when I shot this photo. 

This photo carries a lot of “mood” with it. You can almost feel the dampness on your skin just by looking at it. 

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Towson Courthouse Colorsplash

 Downtown Towson This is a lovely photograph of the historic courthouse in downtown Towson, Maryland. 

What really struck me as I took in the scenery were the bright red roses blooming along the walkway leading to the courthouse. 

It was a somewhat cloudy day so I really wanted to bring out the clouds and the red flowers, while giving a more historic look to the courthouse itself. 

The end result is above. 

Wouldn’t this photo look splendid on your walls? 

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Apple Orchard Abstract

 Apple Orchard Abstract 
 Grove Abstract 
 Baugher's Farm 
In the summer of 2014, I went through an “abstract” period. Adding geometric shapes often brings out a whole different dimension within an image. 

These photos of an apple orchard here in Maryland were prime canvases for a bit of abstraction. 

The final results came out even better than I had hoped. 

Once again, an object with order and symmetry now exists in an environment that has none. 

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Barren Tree Abstract

 Abstract Tree There’s something about barren trees in the winter time that’s almost mystical. 

As soon as I spotted this tree, I knew exactly what I wanted the final image to look like. 

The triangle adds perfect symmetry to a living thing that is much too complex to be symmetrical, even though it appears that way from a distance. 

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Down the Slide

 Kid on Slide 
When you were just a child, was there anything better than a going down a good sliding board?

No worries, no bills to pay, just you and gravity doing its thing. 

A local farm here in Maryland has this unique slide that children can enjoy during the warm, summer months. 

If only the innocence of youth could last forever. 

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