Loch Raven Reservoir

 Loch Raven Reservoir 1 
 Loch Raven Reservoir 2 
 Loch Raven Reservoir 3 
 Loch Raven Reservoir 4 
The Loch Raven Reservoir is a reservoir that provides drinking water for the City of Baltimore and most of Baltimore County, Maryland. 

Originally built in 1881 as a dam and water tunnel to channel water to Lake Montebello and Lake Clifton, a new dam, creating a modern large reservoir lake, was constructed in 1914 in an attempt to increase the municipal water supply, submerging the agricultural village of Warren. 

In 1923, the dam was elevated from 51 feet to 117 feet, and was viewed by many as a step towards the re-vitalization of Baltimore after the Great Fire of 1904. It is fed by the Big Gunpowder Falls river, and has a capacity of 23 billion gallons of water. 

 In addition to providing potable drinking water to Baltimore City and Baltimore County, the lake serves as a park and recreational area for the public to enjoy.

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Casks of Wine at Boordy Vineyards

 Boordy Casks 
During a recent trip to Boordy Vineyards here in Baltimore County, Maryland, I happened to stumble upon one of the rooms where they store and age their wines. 

I loved the leading lines that their array of casks created as they sat there, lined up and waiting to be tapped. 

It seemed fitting to bring out the red highlights in the room. I could almost taste the wine as I sat and lined up this exquisite shot. 

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